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Suzuki Katana 1100 -1000 motorcycle

Suzuki Katana 1100 -1000 motorcycle

Suzuki Katana 1100 -1000 motorcycleSuzuki Katana 1100 -1000 motorcycle
Katana Samurai sword which is known to be very sharp and has a blend of strength and exceptional flexibility (the original lho-ed). Name this Katana Suzuki Katana in accordance with the design that really chop up the Japanese Superbike norms that already exist before.

Suzuki Katana 1100 -1000motorbike type 1100 and 1000 Suzuki Katana
Katana appeared to break with the tank design that integrates dynamic up to the stern and was equipped with a windshield. Designed motor Target Design team from Germany who had been designing the BMW R 1990 S 1100 GSX is actually based. It's just that, design the Germans made a very sporty appearance and greeted the imagination and design a sports-loving bikers exotis.
Unlike the GSX 1100 a conservative like motors that age class, 1100 Katana is designed to meet aggressive and motor sport enthusiasts lust. No longer upright rider position, but simply bowed. This is obtained by replacing the triangular handlebar GSX 1100 with the new design allows placement of the lower handlebars. Driver position like this, plus a further maximize the windshield top speed of this first Katana.
Obviously sport motorcyclists will not be satisfied with just an aggressive design. Therefore, any improve engine performance Suzuki GSX 1100. Modified airbox, carburetor, exhaust back and use the lighter spool making power surged 11 PS engine more powerful, precisely to be a 111 PS @ 8500 rpm. Motor full tank weighs 247 pounds has great torque and wide power band. It can not be separated from technology TSCC (Twin Swirl Combustion Chamber) which can also be found on the Thunder 250.
In quiet conditions, the designs have demonstrated, this fast motor! When driving, it turns out faster! Acceleration was amazed and instantly make biker diligently saving for menggebetnya. Native reaches top speed 225 km / h, including very powerful for the size of 1982, when the motor was launched.
Suzuki was not just limited to the engine upgrade, suspension also receives attention. Suits a harder rear suspension makes this bike has a high stability in the corners. Moreover, allows the motor design and the tires are invited to conquer bigbody (bongsor) corner with fairly horizontal position to measure the time. On the sector front, the sports bikers were spoiled with anti-dive suspension system that he says the same as those used in the 500 Suzuki GP bike! Obviously, a sports suspension settings do have consequences. Motor them less comfortable to wear daily and suspension feels too hard. Nevertheless, what the bikers received a Katana. It was more seen as a motor bike to enjoy his character rather than for everyday comfort.
Katana was hugely successful. Not only because of the design and performance, but also economical price offered by Suzuki. Since the number of fans, Katana was issued in a smaller capacity, call it a 1000 cc. In the Japanese market, even issued a replica in the capacity of 250 and 400 cc.

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