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Harley Davidson from Honda mega pro modif

Harley Davidson from Honda mega pro modif

Harley davidson from Honda mega pro modif
Harley Davidson from Honda mega pro modif
Harley davidson shape from Honda mega pro modif
Perhaps you do not believe that these motorcycles filmed a new workshop in Yogyakarta N'Joy76 newly opened four months ago. His work is exhibited through the concept of prioritizing broadtrack with the strongest characteristic of the framework without closing cover body.
"If in America, Harley Davidson is much changed like this and for drag or road racing," said Rifai Nurhasan pemodifikator.
With a base Honda Mega Pro, the original order discharged and made new with saimless material which has two sizes. To the front, wearing a bright Rifai 1.25 inches and the rear 1 inch only.
Harley Davidson from Honda mega pro modify
Harley Davidson from Honda mega pro modif 2
yellow colour airbrushed is best choice for this motorcycle.
Harley Davidson from Honda mega pro modif 2010
The execution order very carefully, especially on every part of the curve. Luckily, a former employee of Scholastic printing that have special equipment that can bend the pipe that seemed to be made together between the backbone to arm swing.
Front suspension in order to look neat, she combines an iron pipe biatannya with variations upside down to duck. Upside down, he said, to quencher. Wheelbase was increased by about 15 cm because the front of the bay shockbreaker, while the rear is standard.
Process improvement is noted Rifai details. As the use of clamps or bonding between bend framework. "In addition to strengthening the black color, also enhance the look," he said.
Then, Desai sepatbor back quite unique. Function, not just retaining water pecikan, but at the same time as the exhaust. The reason, with this unification, the back so it is not crowded. Not only that, stop lamps are also united in spatboard.
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