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tips - sugest on buying a new motorcycle

tips - sugest on buying a new motorcycle

Many consument / people who buy a motorcycle does not fit its function. In buying a motorcycle, there are some things that must be known. One is the motor function, whether for daily or rarely use. What else?
Buyers also should find after-sales service, so if you purchased a motorcycle to have problems, no trouble.

Here are tips on buying a new motorcycle sugest:
1. See products direct
Seeing motor products to be purchased by going directly to the motorcycle showroom will be very good. In addition to seeing its products directly, you can also try the motor performance or comfort. Do not ever interested in the brochure, it's better to come directly and see the direct order not to be fooled by the picture.

2. After-sales service
Ask also how the after-sales facilities. Do not want to buy a motorcycle when the motorcycle you can not buy this service.

3. Do not buy because of their pride
Do not feel proud or feel part of it to buy a new motorcycle. Buying a motor in accordance with its function.

4. Expensive does not mean good
Buy expensive motor that does not mean the bike is good, a lot of expensive motor instead become junk in a corner of the house. Let me cheap if easy care and assurance of adequate spare parts would become immortal bike. Do not be easily tempted seduction SPG Motor.

5. Clay contents of our money budget
You should be able to adjust your income to the size of repayments, if you buy a motorcycle on credit.

6. Features and completeness
When buying a new motorcycle is usually the consumer will get a helmet, jacket, manual, service book, other books as the keys standard. If from one of these is not what you get, you better not buy a motorcycle because the equipment is standard equipment motor sales.
sugest on buying a new motorcycle
7. Guarantee
Warranty is important when buying a new motorcycle. If you need the dealer directly involving consumers to motor vehicle insurance for credit to be safe and comfortable. Minimum 2 year engine warranty bike year warranty.

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