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Tips for safety Driving in the rain

Tips for safety Driving in the rain

Tips for safety Driving in the rain
For the biker as a creature that is not too hot when the rain and not cold when the heat, rain is a challenge when driving. Can disrupt the concentration of driving, that it is also painful alias so the disease if left unchecked. Here are some tips that hopefully ga basbang and could be useful.
Always ready and use the rain jacket and pants suit model, will be even better when fitted with cover shoes or waterproof boots to protect the shoe. Do not replace it with sandals flops by reason of expensive shoes. Besides can cause cold on the feet, also endanger your feet are beautiful. Where expensive, shoes or feet? : Mrgreen: One more thing, do not use raincoat poncho model, which is less than the maximum to protect the body from the rain also been many cases of accidents due raincoat poncho model.
Continue using gloves. Do not because it felt cool and then used his glove on. Nothing wrong with bringing back the gloves as a replacement when used in glove felt it was too wet and driving distraction. Just more expensive than the sheath hand.
Splashes of rain water will make the motor becomes annoying when dirty. In addition to the motor body wash, watch the hygiene chain. The dirt will make the chain more susceptible to breakup in the middle of the road. It would be sad if the need to push the motor in the middle of heavy rain without a raincoat from a broken chain. Anticipation? Chainlube Spray once a week during the rainy season.
Tires bite into the road will vary between dry and wet roads. Do not forget to reduce vehicle speed. When the route is impassable roads already memorized feels there's nothing wrong-dead remain cautious. Who knew there was wood or stone that is hidden behind a pool of water? For standing water that is high enough hope more vigilant, not to water leaks into the hole motor engine exhaust and staining. Keep the engine on lap top to avoid this.

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