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AHM release skutik HONDA PCX

AHM release skutik HONDA PCX

AHM release skutik HONDA PCX
Honda PCX 2010 skutikHONDA PCX 2010 models
PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) released a premium skutik PCX at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, today (16 / 6).
Personal Comfort Xaloon or PCX intact imported from Thailand. PCX claimed AHM has the latest technology Idling Stop System which is not owned others skutik. This feature can be temporarily turned off the engine after skutik stopped in a matter of three seconds and the driver only 'interesting' gas lever to turn it on again.

honda pcx 2010preview honda PCX 2010
honda pcx 2010 1Besides Honda PCX is the first skutik tech injection. With a 125 cc engine, PGM-FI, PCX claimed environmentally friendly and are in accordance with the Euro 3 emission standards. In addition, the technology of Honda V-matic combined with built-in cooler water temperatures will stabilize and maintain the stability of the engine acceleration.
While the hydraulic braking system with brake Combi 3-caliper is able to reduce your wildness.
PCX is also the first skutik equipped with anti-theft alarm system like a car. This alarm has the intelligence to detect vibrations and movements with a remote control.
PCX 32 liters of luggage volume, able to accommodate a full-face helmet. For the 6.2-liter gas tank capacity with open-closed position the tank between two feet and thus no open seats.
"PCX targeted were able to sell 250 units per month and the official price offered RP.32 million," said Loman, Executive Vice President Director AHM.

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