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Honda VFR1200F 2010: World's First Motor with Double Clutch

Honda VFR1200F 2010: World's First Motor with Double Clutch

Honda VFR1200F 2010Honda VFR1200F 2010: World's First Motor with Double Clutch
European Honda released a new variants VFR1200F model that has been equipped dual clutch transmission technology (dual clutch). The presence of this new variant melangkapi VFR1200F model range which was launched in October last year.
Honda claims a double clutch technology in VFR1200F is the world's first applied in a motorcycle. This technology also allows use of the clutch and shift automatically.

In addition, Honda ensures the use of technology as much fun with a double clutch automatic transmission. Even so, the technology is more mengasikan because bikers can menseting sport or comfort driving model is fully electronically controlled.
Honda VFR1200F 2010 specHonda's dual clutch technology believes the future is a breakthrough that appeared in today. Because, VFR1200F allows bikers to experience a new style of free riding motorcycles.
Dual clutch transmission developed by Honda is made with solid construction and lightweight. This makes Honda's no need to make modifications to the motorcycle unit that will implement this feature.
Dual clutch transmission that appears in the model VFR1200F said almost the same as that developed for cars. Nevertheless, because of its dimensions which is longer than conventional transmission, the application of a double clutch on a motorcycle requires a rather complicated laying techniques.
Honda to explain the complexity of the application teringgi double on a motorcycle transmission found on the consideration of ground clearance, center of gravity and the factor of balance when cornering motorcycles.
After all this, Honda is able to eliminate the problem at VFR1200F. This happened after the Honda managed to do development on the design of the main axis of the use of two rods and hydraulic Kolping direction.
In addition, Honda has made 100 patents on this technology also makes it easy to create a menu option for bikers. For D-Mode users can feel releksasi and fuel efficiency. While the S-Mode promises sportier driving. The six-speed-mode allows to control fully electronic through the shift-control with a taste like a manual transmission. LONDON (dp).

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