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motorcycles and jacket protect the rider for protection

motorcycles and jacket protect the rider for protection

In some countries, motorcycles become the main vehicle for all citizens. Each family sometimes has more than one motorcycle, even more than two. Riding a motorcycle requires more safety, as it is not "weatherproof", and theft can easily happen.Unlike in the United States, Japan, or any other big countries, motorcycles are more popular than any other kinds of vehicles in some developing countries. This fact is mostly supported by lack of public transportation, so people tend to go somewhere with their own vehicles.You can see this condition in some countries in Asia, such as Indonesia. This country has a huge number of populations with high criminal rate. Motorcycle theft becomes daily issue. The solutions for this are actually simple if the riders are more careful.

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Motorcycle is the most popular way of transport in the world today. The rising fuel prices as well as the congestion in traffic have made this the easier and practical form of transport. The motorcycle is one of the most common forms of transport in countries in the developing counties mostly Asia and Asia-Pacific, including Japan. The four largest motorcycle makers in the
world are India, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and d China.

With the popularity in this form of transport it is but natural that the clothing has to be designed to help the people who ride it. Since the rider is not protected by a roof or a seat belt like in cars, the need for apparels which would protect is very necessary.
The foremost part of the body which is very much in need for r it is the head. Almost all the accidents with motorcycle have resulted in brain injury usually leading to death. As the rider is thrown out the head takes the fall. The helmet has been made to save this. The helmet should be of a good quality one which has the DOT endorsement by the Department of Transport.

Next in the list of apparels comes the jacket to protect the rider for protection. This should fit like a second skin for best protection. In cold countries leather motorcycle jackets are used mostly for the obvious reasons. It should be thick for safety reasons. The thickness should measure 1.5 mm to 1.6 mm for colder regions and less for the others. Leather gloves are a necessity in the cold regions to so as to protect the rider’s hands from freezing and losing the flexibility.

Chaps are a form of leggings with a belt, usually worn over the pants. These are usually made of leather or leather like material. The leather chaps worn in shotgun style are what motorcyclist wears. The smooth side of the leather is always out and it usually provides all around protection for the legs. They usually have zippers too so that it can be worn easily. This is a popular wear
in bike cultures which gives protection from cold, wind as well as from cuts and bruises when taking a fall. Boots are also a part of the motorcycle wear but mostly used for style.

With the rising accidents in the congested roads, especially in the major cities around the world, it is very necessary to have protection in the form of seat belts or the other necessary wears.

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  1. i wants to be safe and cool, there are some do I ride without protective gear to keep cool, or play it safe and get very hot? well this is the good resource take new information ..i would like to thanks for sharing this information.

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