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quality motorcycle helmets by Japanese company Shoei

quality motorcycle helmets by Japanese company Shoei

quality motorcycle helmets by Japanese company Shoei
quality motorcycle helmets by Japanese company Shoei

quality motorcycle helmets by Japanese company Shoei. as a rider we must know the little history about this helmet produsen. famous safety helmets from japan.

Since 1958, the Joint stock Japanese company Shoei has been producing quality motorcycle helmets. The company’s roots go back to the discovery of Kamata Polyester in 1954, when the first helmets were produced mainly for the use in the construction industry. 1960 marked the year when Shoei’s founder, Eitaro Kamata began manufacturing helmets for the motorcycle racing sector.

Headquartered in Taito, Tokyo, Japan, the factory produces each shoei motorcycle helmet to meet the Japanese Industrial standard which includes guidelines for classifying and numbering. The Honda Motor Company adopted the Shoei helmets as their “genuine” helmets in 1965. This very much increased the popularity and availability of the Shoei motorcycle helmets. Due to expansion, the currently operative factory in Iwate was built in 1989.

All Shoei helmets are designed and manufactured in Japan, although the product is distributed and sold globally. Despite their large success, the Shoei employs only about 500 people worldwide and the remain a relatively small company. Even so, Shoei’s GRV helmet was actually the first helmet to use carbon fiber and Kevlar. This makes the helmet’s material super durable and very light weight at the same time. Shoei was also the creator of the very first coverless shield system as well as the Duel Liner Ventilation system. In 2003, Shoei won the award for Product of the Year after their introduction of the flagship X-spirit which quickly became known as the most advanced helmet in the world.

The Shoei company has released several other award winning helmets such as the RF-1000 and the X-Eleven. Get a brand new shoei motorcycle helmet today and try out one of the best and safest helmets in the world.

Riding a motorcycle could be a lot of fun and adventure. However, the fun and adventure could turn out to be very dangerous if you do not take appropriate safety measures. The safety of the motorcycle as well as the rider depends highly on the motorcycle tires as well as the motorcycle gear. Among the other items which constitute the motorcycle gear, helmets are definitely the most important.

Thus, it is important that you select quality products from reputed brands to ensure durability and functionality. Shoei helmets are one such brand which has been extremely popular for their useful features and longevity.Shoei helmets are available in a variety of styles, designs, colors, and patterns. The variety of features and the styles are designed to suit the varied taste and needs of different riders. Along with safety and style, these helmets are equally popular for their affordable prices. Along with being cost-effective and stylish, the company offers complete commitment for the quality and safety of the rider. Shoei helmets have earned the trust of their customers for this no-compromise-with safety attitude when it comes to manufacture quality motorcycle gear.

Founded in 1959, the company collaborated with the Honda Motor Company in 196 and has ever since been recognized as one of the best selling motor sport helmets.The special features of Shoei helmets have distinguished them from other companies. One of the most impressive features is its ventilation. This feature is highly instrumental in ensuring the comfort of the rider. When the rider wears this helmet and turns the head from one side to another, the vents in the helmet replaces the hot air from inside with fresh air. There are some high end models that have 'Aero Vortex Ventilations' which makes wearing the helmet extremely convenient while driving. The other interesting feature that distinguishes these helmets from the motorcycle gear of other companies is the Pinlock, Mist proof Visor. This visor keeps the visor clear so that the rider can see clearly while riding.

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