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Izh 2012 Kalashnikov Rusia

Izh 2012 Kalashnikov Rusia

Izh 2012 Kalashnikov Rusia
Izh 2012 Kalashnikov RusiaKalashnikov? Hearing that name, which occurred in the majority of people are weapons from Russia. That's right. But, do not be surprised, it turns out that the manufacturer produces excellent motorcycle.

In fact, since the company was founded in 1927 and has produced 11 million units of motorcycles. One of the best known model is Izh-1 in 1929. Unfortunately, the manufacturer in the former Soviet Union did not include the data, how many sales Izh from 11 million units produced.
To be sure, Kalashnikov is now preparing the next generation of the most Anyar Izh, namely Izh 2012. As quoted, Monday (3 / 5), the manufacturer says, the concept of this new model Izh handled by the famous designer Igor Chak.
"The new motor later on, comes with safety features that exceed the Volvo 10. It aims to make it as the most secure vehicles, even safer than walking, "explained the source of the manufacturer.
2012 Izh besin equipped V-Twin engine-powered 140 horsepower. This machine is equipped with a six-level transmission system acceleration.
Interestingly, in addition to the conventional engine is also equipped with motor-powered 60 watt electric motor with two levels of acceleration. Electric motor power source comes from a lithium sulfide battery.
"Electric motors are used at a time when the rider wants to spur on his motorcycle but with the level of gas emission or no emission of zero percent," the source said.
While the safety features and comfort provided by Kalashnikov, among others, dual air bags located in the front crumple zone system to reduce impact, radar systems, cameras to detect the distance of a safe braking, traction control or power grip of the tires on the track, and the antilock brake system (ABS).
Through the camera's detector, the motor can find a safe braking distance. When the distance to the object that hit very close, braking device automatically adds pressure, and braking really grip.
Igor Chak also designed a motorcycle that can automatically adjust the traction on the slippery ice surface and the other a wet track.
Meanwhile, a mini-LCD display 3 D provides information to motorists Happenings steed condition that, when to be serviced, there are irregularities components or spare parts, until the supply of fuel. Through the touch screen the same way, motorists can find out if the vehicle is operated on the mode of transmission sport, comfort, or manual. Can then replace the line and not behind, Kalashnikov Izh linking it with a cellular phone in 2012. As a result when there is an incoming call, the driver can answer it in a hands-free. But of course must stop the vehicle in advance for security.
Another feature is a camera that helps the driver vision at night, the results appear on the screen. The device can also function as thick fog covered the road.
That's some advantage in the product being offered Kalashnikov anyarnya. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not mention it and the price tag of anywhere besutannya motor that will be marketed.
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