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Motor Piaggio MP3 250 REVIEW

Motor Piaggio MP3 250 REVIEW

Piaggio MP3 250
High Security Assurance with 2 Front Wheels
Motor Piaggio MP3 250 REVIEWMotor Piaggio MP3 250 REVIEW
MP3 iaggio who have attended the market, there is a Piaggio motor output with engine capacity of 250cc which is a two-wheeled vehicles that provide high assurance of safety.

The use of two wheels at the front sector provides higher security than the other two-wheeled vehicles. Two front wheels rhythmically with each other in the face of road conditions, both on straight roads, winding roads or roads with holes.
With a dynamic movement of the front wheel well to follow the road straight or turned, so to avoid a slip on the wheel, if one wheel slips, then the other wheels will maintain the stability of the position of the motor, that motor is always in control of the rider desires a secure fit.
Even if the condition of gravel roads, potholes and place obstacles in one of the front wheel, the other front wheel will still tread on the surface of the road, whereas when stopped at a red light, motion of the front wheel can lock automatically, so the rider can rest his foot for a moment.
Dynamic motion of the front wheels, extremely flexible tread on the highway, following the movement of the motor. With a single cylinder Quasar, 4 stroke, Euro 3, with a capacity of 12 liters for fuel, and weighs 204 pounds empty.

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