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TROUBLE in Motorcycle tank cap

TROUBLE in Motorcycle tank cap

TROUBLE in Motorcycle tank capTROUBLE in Motorcycle tank cap
Motorcycle tank cap could be a source of trouble, how could you? The problem posed is simple, just sometimes make panicked half to death because they can make the motor died suddenly.
Yes. Often, the dead motor biker who experience a sudden even though the motor still new one.not once, but often come with complaints incidence of motor bikers die suddenly. Usually that hapend to motor YAMAHA Mio and Satria FU150. thats naturally in bike shop.
When the problem was traced on tank cap venting, which is only about 1mm in size.

Typically, problems like this arise from vacuum gas freezes when checking into the vacuum and a vacuum hose was no problem, the final step open the tank lid and then turn on the machine. If it is clean burning fuel mainly cover the air holes let air flow when vacuum is easy to work.
often the bikers who experience this problem and go kebengkel, despite the targeted workshops already know the problem is with the lid of the tank, but for the sake of personal interests to the mechanic to check the other components such as engines and others that spent money more bigger on bikers. so before had suddenly stalled we should do a routine check up on the motor tank cap too.
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